Classic Limo has been licensed as legal limousine service with a PSC license of Convenience and Necessity in Montana for 30 years. This license requires an extensive and daunting application process including an evaluation of financial fitness, insurance requirements, and a proof of need. We are the only local company to hold this license and have taken great pride in providing a professional service in our state. Additionally we are a nationally registered Limousine Company. The great growth of our area has also brought many illegally operating companies. Unlike most larger states, Montana doesn’t even have a dedicated field officer to combat these companies. What would be a simple phone call and subsequent impounding of the illegal vehicle in a state like California, in Montana requires Classic Limo to do the leg work and have an attorney present the case to the PSC. For every company that Classic Limo has brought in front of the commission, another one has opened in its place. We encourage you not to use an illegal service offering private transportation under some other guise. Even state registered Taxi services have been caught trying to operate as limousine service.


Our chauffeurs are the heart of the company, having the most direct contact with our customers. Our chauffeurs first complete and application and interview process before being selected. They must then complete a local, state, and federal background screen and drug testing so we know exactly who is in the car with you. The chauffeurs then undergo in-house training and a third party training program before doing ride alongs with a senior chauffeur. The chauffeur then starts their own training with a senior chauffeur in supervision until they are approved to work on their own. We take every effort to make sure our chauffeurs are safe and customer driven.


Classic Limo not only meets the state and federal requirements for insurance but voluntarily carries additional coverage. We carry at least 5 Million in coverage on even our standard length vehicles. Our additional insurance coverage also requires stricter employee guidelines including additional years of experience and a minimum age requirement of 23. You will not find underage, undertrained chauffeurs at our company.

Vehicle Tracking

Classic Limo employs satellite tracking of our vehicles. This allows the company to monitor the vehicles location and chauffeurs driving habits. This helps ensure that you are getting the best service possible. It also helps mitigate some of the challenges of running a transportation company in the rural mountains of Montana, but not all. Cellular and even GPS coverage is not 100% reliable in Montana with areas that no service exists. The chauffeurs will alert the passengers to areas that are going to have limited or no service.

Locally Owned

Classic Limo is proud to have been serving Southwest Montana with the best limo service for the past 30 years. Classic Limo remains a locally owned, family operated business that caters to customers. Calli and Jesse are the parents of a 5th generation Montanan; Cash-who is a little too young to meet our insurance requirements. Jesse and Calli are locals who attended Montana State University and believe thoroughly that a Bobcat will always trump a Grizzly! Callie runs the day to day operations of the car and limo rentals while Jesse manages the shop and fleet of vehicles. Both still offer their driving experience to enhance all limo services. This allows them to stay actively involved with what each position requires.