As a business owner, you are legally responsible for making sure that your employees are safe when they are traveling for business. Whether they are going to conferences or meeting clients or both, you want to ensure that your employees are protected by taking active steps before the trip. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can instate precautions for your employees. In this blog, we will go over some steps you can take to make your employees safer when traveling for business.

Have access to their schedules

It is important that you know where your employees will be and at what time during their trip. You should know their complete travel schedule, including flights and where they are staying, as well as their agenda for the day. Know whether they will be doing any sight-seeing or not, and if they will be leaving where the conference is located. Also ensure that they have contact information for who they should talk to if there are any issues with their travel arrangements, or if there is an emergency.

Stress safety first

Make sure your employees know how important their safety is to you, and that they are fully aware of any safety risks specific to where they are traveling. Just because your employees travel often, doesn’t mean that they are fully informed about the particular risks, so don’t assume that they do. Talk about the safety risks that come with this trip now so they can be alert to them.

Mind security breaches

Beyond the physical safety of your employees, traveling presents a risk to sensitive information to your business. It is estimated that as much as 40 percent of security breaches happen on hotel networks, so advise your employees to avoid accessing personal accounts from their hotel or entering personal information. Additionally, before the trip, you should install or update any security settings on your employee’s laptops and other electronics.

Review your coverage

Before your employees heads out on this trip, be sure to review your travel insurance policy. You want to make sure that in the event of an accident or emergency situation, your insurance will cover the costs for your employee. Additionally, be sure to only hire transportation companies that are insured, like Classic Limo, so that in the event of an accident, you don’t have to worry that your car service isn’t covered.

Book transportation in advance

One of the biggest safety concerns when it comes to traveling is transportation. Once your employee lands at the airport, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that they can get to the location safely. At Classic Limo, we can provide a prompt and safe airport car service for your employee. We can send our information in advance when you book us, so you can feel reassured that your employee is in safe hands.

When you need an airport car service to and from the Big Sky Airport, there is no better choice than Classic Limo. Contact us today to book your car service.