1. Keeping Your Employees Safe While Traveling

    As a business owner, you are legally responsible for making sure that your employees are safe when they are traveling for business. Whether they are going to conferences or meeting clients or both, you want to ensure that your employees are protected by taking active steps before the trip. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can instate precautions for your employees. In this blog, we will go o…Read More

  2. Fun Facts About Montana

    So you’re gearing up for your trip to Montana! If you are flying into Big Sky Airport, good news: you don’t have to worry about your ride! Classic Limo can provide you with the airport car service you need to get around, whether you are staying at the Big Sky Resort or in downtown Bozeman. Contact our limo service today to ensure there is someone there to pick you up from the airport and get y…Read More

  3. Air Travel Tips

    Classic Limo is your go-to airport transportation service in Bozeman, MT! As a result, we know a lot about air travel. Here, we outline our top tips for traveling via airplane: Get travel insurance You can’t predict the future; you never know what might happen to put a wrench in your travel plans. You could end up losing a lot of money if anything goes awry. It is better to be safe than sorry an…Read More

  4. Top 3 Reasons To Hire Bozeman Limo as Your Airport Car Service

    We have all been there: you are on the way to the airport,disaster strikes, and you miss your flight. Traffic is worse than you expected, or you realize you have forgotten your identification at home, or you have not taken a route you are familiar with and now you are lost. Regardless of what has happened, the end result is the same: disappointment, embarrassment, and a lot of waiting around while…Read More

  5. Top 6 Things To Do Near Bozeman, MT

    At Bozeman Limo, we love showing tourists the best of what the Bozeman area has to offer. To help you come to love our home as much as we do, we would like to offer our car service as an efficient and comfortable way to get to any attraction. We know the best way to get anywhere in the surrounding area, so you can relax, enjoy your vacation, and not worry about transportation. So where do you need…Read More

  6. More Reasons To Hire Our Montana Car Service

    In our last blog, we began covering some of the best reasons that you should consider hiring our car service in Montana to help you get around while you're here. Whether you're looking to travel to or from Big Sky Airport or you just need someone to get you around town while you're here, we're just a call away! Today we're going to cover a few more reasons why hiring us as your car service makes t…Read More

  7. Why You Should Hire Our Montana Car Services

    Here at Classic Limo, we've been Montana's premier car service for over 30 years. Classic Limo remains a locally owned, family operated business that caters to customers. The benefits of hiring us, a limousine service with a PSC license of Convenience and Necessity,  are many and can make your life and commuting easy. Car services can be used for various services such as going to the airport, …Read More

  8. Activities in Yellowstone National Park

    Visiting Montana is an activity that is on many people’s To-Do list. This National Park spans across three different states and offers activities that will appeal to people of every age. Do not start off a trip with travel-related stress. Contact Classic Limo to schedule a private car service to drop you off at Yellowstone’s Montana entrance. In our previous blog, we discussed some activities …Read More

  9. Visit Yellowstone In Style

    Yellowstone is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the continental United States. Each year, millions of people from all over the world flock to this National Park to see the wonders that it holds. While Yellowstone National Park spans three states, one entrance is located in Montana. Getting to Yellowstone National Park is easy, finding parking may not be as easy. This is one of the m…Read More

  10. Take The Stress Out Of Traveling

    Vacations are supposed to be incredibly relaxing. Most people take their vacations to get away from their stressful lives and the go-go work flow. Unfortunately, there is still a great deal of stress associated with travel, especially if flying and car rentals are involved. Often you see families where the parents do not begin to destress until 24-48 hours after landing. With airport security and …Read More